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Model JewelBox-70T Glenbrook Technologies X-Ray system: delivers superior, x-ray image quality with excellent resolution and sensitivity for failure analysis applications.


Model 16350 Manncorp Ultra-compact Wave Soldering machine: brings complete through-hole, surface mount, and mixed-technology wave soldering capability to NRI.


CR.22d Wire Processing Machine offers unique set-up features designed to shorten the machine set-up time, allowing for processing in both large batch, and high mix/low lot size environments.


Model DRS25 Air-Vac Semi-Automatic Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework Station: offers repeatable thermal performance, closed-loop automation, and accurate vision alignment for BGA rework.


NRI ELECTRONICS increased SMT Assembly capacity by investing in an additional Surface Mount Technology assembly line.


The Soldering Machine KISS-103: is an automated, simple to use low cost selective soldering machine using the proven "traveling mini–solder wave", featuring the "Super fast" robotic motion to maximize production.


NRI Electronics, Inc. is continuously improving Wire Cut capabilities to stay ahead of customer’s needs. Deploying a variety of Artos Engineering solutions, NRI is proud to operate three Artos wire processing machines to provide world class solutions.


Technologically Advanced MV-3 Series: Integrated INTELLI-BEAM Laser Inspection System, Four Point Height Measurement For Co-Planarity Testing Of BGA and CSP Devices, Enhanced 3D Solder Paste Measurement Capability.


NRI Electronics Inc. Strengthens Its Capabilities with a Juki Mounter and Tray Changer... "The Juki KE-2080EN High-Speed Flexible Mounter and TR-6DER Matrix Tray Changer give NRI the ability to assist customers from both smaller start-up quantities to large volume "high-speed" production quantities. NRI grows with you," said Brian Benda Corporate Director of Operations, NRI Electronics Inc.

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